The benefits of building with True Core Steel Framing

When it comes to building your home, it is important to have a frame that is well engineered, long lasting, pest resistant and won’t burn.

Steel framing doesn’t cost more than other material and has superior benefits to timber.

Lewis Homes have been constructing new homes using only steel frames since 1981, due to the integrity of the product and ease of construction.

Engineered to last

Steel framing is engineered and will not twist or shrink, eliminating costly repairs due to frame settlement and movement.

Pest resistant

Steel framing is resistant to white ants and borers and cannot be eaten or attacked by pests.

Won't burn

Steel framing is not flammable therefore reducing the risk of fire to your home.

Friendly to the environment

Steel framing eliminates wastage of materials as frames are made off site, and are 100% recyclable. With this knowledge you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice for your family home.

For more information on steel framing visit the True Core website