Innovative design with flexible family living


Avoca Floor Plan
  4   2   2
Ceiling Height 2550mm  
Residence 229.21m 24.67sq
Garage 39.72m 4.28sq
Outdoor 35.25m 3.79sq
Porch 13.89m 1.50sq
Eaves 7.39m 0.80sq
Total 325.46m 35.03sq


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Master Bed 4550x3990
 Bed 2 3000x3670
 Bed 3 3230x3460
 Bed 4 3830x3000
 Family 5010x6500
 Meals 4140x4400
 Lounge 4550x4290
 Outdoor 8640x4080
 Garage 6000x6000