Family home with large outdoor living, great for entertaining


Oxley Floor Plan
  4   2   2
 Ceiling Height 2550mm  
 Residence 232.07m²      24.98sq
 Garage 39.64m²      4.27sq
 Outdoor 39.29m²      4.23sq
 Porch 11.03m²      1.19sq
 Total 322.03m²      34.66sq


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Master Bed 3800x5220
 Bed 2 3400x3490
 Bed 3 3600x3000
 Bed 4 3400x3490
 Family 5500x5135
 Meals 4860x4635
 Lounge 4200x4000
 Outdoor 4500x8730
 Garage 6000x6000
Oxley 22 & 28 Floor Plan








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